Assistance with the cost of non-routine veterinarian care

This program is for pets that have been owned for at least six months. You will need proof of ownership in the form of adoption papers or vet records.

At this time we can only assist with pets that live in Madison County, Tennessee.

The quality of care that you have provided to your pet will directly influence our willingness to assist you. Pets that are valued as family members, have access to human companionship, are kept clean and healthy and are clearly loved will be given priority over animals that are kept on chains or in backyard kennels. We care for all animals, but our ability to help is limited and we must prioritize. 

At least one home visit by at least two members of our team is a non-negotiable requirement. We will see where the animal sleeps and where the animal spends most of its day.

This program does not cover routine pet healthcare such as vaccinations,  flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventative, health issues caused by neglect, or spay and neuter procedures. These are all the responsibility of the pet owner. 

This program does not provide for the complete cost of the treatment. The owner will be expected to pay for a portion of the care upfront as well as assisting us with any fundraising we do on behalf of the pet. 

Care will be provided by the vet of our choice. If this is a different vet than the pet has been seen by, it is the owner's responsibility to obtain all of the pet's vet records and bring them to the first vet visit that we are assisting with.

We cannot assist with illnesses that are ongoing, such as cancer or diabetes. We can only assist with illnesses or injuries in which there is a good prognosis and a complete resolution is expected. 

If the pet has not had a diagnosis, then an exam will be performed by a vet of our choosing. The pet owner will be responsible for the first $35 of the exam, payable before the exam. Once a diagnosis is established and a course of treatment agreed upon, the pet owner will pay the first $100 of the treatment before treatment begins and will commit to make other payments as agreed upon.



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